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Sage Computer Services. Web Development. Providing web development solutions for your business including SQL Server, e-commerce and storefront integration using ASP, PHP, MySQL, XML, SOAP and more.
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Case studies  
Unitus Website
Using Secure Certificates and Secure Connections (SSL), we built an online donation and reporting system for Unitus.
Microsoft Volume Licensing Website
Microsoft needed an intranet that would allow their worldwide sales staff to upload, download and print up-to-date licensing documents. We used Javascript and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate the printing of multiple documents directly from the server to the client printers.
Sage Computer Services provides web development solutions for your business including SQL Server e-commerce and storefront integration using ASP PHP XML SOAP and more

Sage Computer Services provides professional web development, incorporating the latest tools and technologies to create high performance websites.

Our experience covers not only the most popular HTML editors such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage, but also advanced technologies such as SQL Server (key to e-commerce), MySQL, VeriSign Payflow Pro payment services, PayPal Website Payments Pro, SOAP, XML, client and server-side scripting (ASP, PHP, Javascript, VBScript), 3rd party tools such as email objects, virtual tours, shopping cart tools and more.

Of special note is our expertise in integration - porting your e-commerce website onto - from the conversion of your inventory to format, to the creation of the XML product data feeds needed for placing your products onto Amazon. See our technology page for case studies of this and other sites we have implemented and the technologies we have used. Amazon integration is one of the most powerful ways to significantly increase your web sales.

For customers with smaller product inventories, we can show you how to integrate your storefront onto via Amazon's Seller Central web interface. We'll show you how to create the specially formatted files required by Seller Central in order to launch and maintain your Amazon storefront. Seller Central is ideal for stores with one to a hundred or so products.

Sage Computer Services offers a wide range of web development experience to meet your business needs, including integration, Amazon merchant data feeds, Amazon merchant storefronts and more. Amazon integration requires your data feeds be transmitted in XML using SOAP. we have the expertise to develop the feeds that Amazon integration requires.

Sage Computer Services specializes in a number of web technologies including XML, ASP, PHP, Amazon, Integration, Web Services, e-commerce, storefront, SQL, SOAP, WASH, SQL Server, MySQL, Javascript, VBScript, VeriSign, Payflow Pro, PayPal Website Payments Pro, WrinkleBrain WASH

Sage Computer Services can help with your integration by managing the product data feeds sent to via the WrinkleBrain WASH product.

Using VeriSign Secure Certificates and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensures that customer interaction with your site is safe and confidential. Sage Computer Services can help with the installation of your VeriSign Secure Certificate. Integrating VeriSign (or other provider) Payment Services (Payflow Pro) with your internet merchant account, we can build a complete storefront solution for your business.

We have the expertise to help you integrate PayPal Website Payments Pro into your web site. With PayPal Website Payments Pro, your web site can process credit card transactions directly without ever leaving your site. We will help you through the entire setup, configuration and installation process - from setting up the PayPal Sandbox test environment, to generating and installing the PayPal API Certificate and installing the PayPal Website Payments Pro SDK and finally - integrating the Website Payments Pro system into your web site. Sage Computer Services will have your site running under PayPal Website Payments Pro in no time.

Let Sage Computer Services web development help you build your business on the Internet using technologies including XML, ASP, PHP, Amazon, Integration, Web Services, e-commerce, merchant storefront, PayPal Website Payments Pro, SQL, SOAP, WASH, SQL Server, MySQL, Javascript, VBScript, VeriSign, Payflow Pro, WrinkleBrain WASH and more. Note that one of our specialties is Amazon integration.

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